How many of you remember the first time you were able to go online, or surf the World Wide Web?  If you do, perhaps it happened in the late 90's or in the early 2000's. Microsoft created it, and it absolutely killed off Netscape.  Perhaps many of you remember using them too.

Last year Microsoft announced that it would be killing it off last year, and it would have turned 27 if it made it to August of this year.

Microsoft was the first browser that came pre-installed on Macs.  It debuted in 1995, and by 2003 about 90% of people were using it.

Now I happen to be a Google Chrome user, and if I am being honest, I don't know how long I have been using it, but it seems to have been so much easier.  And faster! See the video below:

Some of you also might be familiar with Safari and Firefox.  They came along in the mid 2000, and took some users away from Internet Explorer.  Google Chrome hit the market in 2008.

If any of you still use Internet Explorer, you may see it direct you to their new browser Microsoft Edge.  I have that on my laptop, but I have never used it.

I am sure there are old sites that still use Internet Explorer, and for those, there is a legacy mode in Microsoft Edge that will let you access them.

The famous icon will also be going away.  So you have a heads up, there will be a Windows update coming, that will automatically remove it from all devices if it is still installed on your computers.

Thank you Internet Explorer.  You had a good run.  Not too many things in business last 26 years.  You did good.

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