Every year, it seems like I hear someone or other talking about how materialistic and commercial the holiday season has become. They're not wrong. It definitely seems to be all about money and buying things - and it can be hard to get to what can be so great about this time of year.Now, in case you weren't aware, I work in radio and media.  You may not believe it... but nobody's getting rich in the everyday trenches of broadcasting.  You might if you're Howard Stern or my boss, but not me.  I gotta watch my money, and that's fine.  I know a lot of you are in the same boat. So I always feel bad when I'm asked to give to a charity and I have to defer or tell them to ask later.  That's why I have all these guests on the Community Corner and do pretty much whatever they ask of me (baking, serving on boards, etc) - because I can't give them much in terms of money.  BUT, I can give my time.  I can give blood, and so can you.  I got to talk with Craig Jackson of the American Red Cross about how you can give the gift that means something this holiday season.

So make sure to stop by one of these three:
Today (Dec 11) at the East Sedalia Baptist Church, 1019 East 5th Street, 2-6 p.m.
December 20 at the Katy Trail Community Health Center, 821 Westwood Avenue, 9-1
December 30 at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 1708 Elm Hills Boulevard.

Givingly yours,

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