Hi there. If you stopped by our outpost at the state fair, or have done some business at the stations, then you might already know me. If you've listened to Kix 105.7, Awesome 92.3 or 1050AM KSIS you might have heard me. I've filled in for Beau, Behka and Ryan over the past several months. Starting this afternoon I have the privilege of hanging out with you every afternoon on Kix 105.7 between 3:00PM -7:00PM CST every weekday.

I joined Townsquare Media Sedalia/Warrensburg last April as the Interim Operations Manager. My intention was really to just help out for a couple of months until the company could hire someone to do the job permanently. Then I met you.

Everyone I met was so friendly and welcoming. I found that I enjoy small town life. I like the feeling of doing radio for my neighbors. For people who appreciate not only the music we play, but appreciate and count on the news and information we provide. That's not something I've experienced in every radio job I've held. So I moved my wife Kathy, and our greyhound JJ, to Warrensburg and we made the job permanent.

Additionally this job is also a great fit for my family for a variety of personal reasons. One, Warrensburg is ideally located between Dallas and Chicago. Kathy and I have family and friends in both areas and it's relatively easy to hop in a car and be in either city in a day. Secondly, I was born in Kansas City and my parents called Fayette and Glasgow home for a few years while they worked for Central Methodist University.

My father loved to tell me stories of their time here in the area, and my Mom has many fond memories of the area, including visiting Sedalia with friends of theirs. As a kid Kansas City was one of our regular vacation spots. And it's my hope Kathy and I will make many fond memories here too and we'll get to have some fun in KC.

So that's why I'm here. A few more things to know about me: I have a soft spot in my heart for animal rescue groups. Kathy and I have rescued three dogs over the course of our marriage. And I've helped a variety of animal rescue groups and shelters throughout my career. I like baseball and am a fan of the Chicago Cubs and the Kansas City Royals.

Kathy and I are homebodies and we probably enjoy television a little too much. Some of our favorite shows include: "Law and Order", "The West Wing", "NYPD Blue" "Homicide Hunter", "E.R.", "NCIS", "Seinfeld", "Mad About You" and "the Sopranos". This season we're really enjoying "Perfect Harmony" and we've really enjoyed HBO's "the Deuce".

As I mentioned before we live in Warrensburg and you might see us around at Players, Fitter's, Heroes, or King's Chef Buffet. I hope you'll give me a listen every weekday afternoon on Kix 105.7. I'll be playing lots of new country, have some cool giveaways from time to time, and I'll pass along any weather or news you need to know every afternoon. I hope you'll give me a listen. And thank you for making us feel welcome in West Central Missouri.

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