I'm sure you've heard of the Criterium Races before.  But this year, they're going to do something much different!In years past, the races have been all about the modern cyclist experience.  This year, they're going to bring in the Antiques and really spice things up.  It's going to be happening on Saturday, July 27th in Downtown Sedalia.  This year they'll have pedalless and walking bikes, Velocipdes, Penny Farthings, and Safety Bicycles, so this stuff is all before 1935.  And then after that, of course, the big Criterium Race.

But here's the big deal for you - you can get in on this and see things from behind the scenes!  You can volunteer to be a part of the event!  And it's not necessarily stuff that's going to be physically taxing.  They'll have people go around to collect hay and straw bales, setting up the registration booth, registering people for the race, course marshalls, and some motorcyclists with quiet exhausts.

Why WOULDN'T you want to be part of this new addition to the Criterium race?  You're going to see a parade of bicycles that are super high, for crying in a bucket.  What's wrong with that? Nothing.  And it costs you nothing but your time, and you get a truly enriching experience.

So why not reach out today and better yourself with tons of fun and lots of firm calf muscles? You know, you might even see a handlebar mustache or two.  That would be pretty rad.  Contact the Sedalia Young Professionals or you can call Andrew at 660-473-4016 and pick your position that best suits your talents.

Cyclingly yours,