At some point in the next few weeks you'll either run across one of these holiday mysteries or you might even be lucky enough to receive one from Aunt Madge in the mail this year. Do you like or not?

The earliest recipes of fruitcake come from ancient Rome, and if you ask me some of the ones I've had tasted like they were the original version!

There's many varieties from different countries including Australia, Bahamas, Bulgaria , Chile, Germany , Ireland. Portugal and the United States.

According to Wkipedia the fruitcake tradition in Portugal is enjoyed during Christmas season and a staple dessert in any Portuguese home during the holidays. Included is the characteristic fava bean and, according to tradition, whoever finds the fava bean has to pay for the cake next year.

In the United States it was around 1913 when the first fruitcakes were available by mail order. Most of your commercial, mass-produced fruit cakes in the U.S. are produced alcohol free, but traditional recipes are saturated with liqueurs or brandy and covered in powdered sugar, both of which prevent mold.

Whether your pallate is for or against fruitcake, get ready because at some point it will most likely be sliced and served up for you during this holiday season.

First Slice Of Fruitcake
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