According to surveys, fewer than half of Americans are happy in their jobs . . . and the number is falling. But that could be because almost ALL of us are doing it wrong.  Here's a list of four simple career tips that almost no one follows.

1. You need a lot of patience.

Any job that's easy, or fun, or lucrative . . . any job that's DESIRABLE . . . is going to be popular too. Being talented usually isn't enough, because lots of people are. You have to OUTLAST all the other talented people.

2. Don't waste time.

Everyone thinks they're busy. But most of them are making themselves busy, by wasting their own time. Spending too much time on the phone, on Facebook, on YouTube, when they could be working.  Successful people are busy because everyone needs them for something. And so they learn how to save their time for the things they really need to be doing.

3. You can't do it alone.

Successful people aren't afraid to ask for help. And help lets you get things done faster. If other people are out there getting help, and you're trying to do everything by yourself . . . they'll beat you to the promotion every time.

4. Whatever you want to do, do it NOW.

Everybody has a big plan for the future. Most people never do a thing to get there. People get stuck in jobs they hate because they keep putting off the first step.  If you're not where you want to be, you have to do SOMETHING every day to get closer to it. It might be a tiny step. But if you keep moving closer, eventually you WILL get there. That's just logic.

What do you think? What makes you successful at your job? Do you know of anybody that needs to get that advice?

Workingly yours,