Show me the money...if you want me to move. There are 14 places that will actually do that. Want to leave Missouri? Might as well grab some cash while you do.

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Debt Hammer shared an interesting story about locations around America that give you big time incentives to move there. In some cases, it's really serious money that will make you consider adopting that area as a new start for you and/or your family.

Let's begin with some of Missouri's closest neighbors:


Britt, Iowa offers $10,000 to those that choose to buy a home there and that also includes free 10 grand lots. The home does have to be over $190K though.


In the northwest part of Arkansas, they have a Life Works Here program that pays $10,000 and will even give you a free mountain bike. Sweet. They only take applicants at certain times though, so you might be waiting a bit before there's a chance to get paid to be a Razorback.


I never thought I'd say this, but Kansas might be your best option of all. They offer $15,000 grants in Shawnee County and there's even an incentive for remote workers who can get $10,000 if they're employed by a company in that county and $5,000 if you're a renter.

There is one far away state you could consider if you like getting paid. Alaska pays each of its residents cash every single year by what's called the Permanent Fund Dividend. Last year, it was $2560 and seems to get bigger each year.

The Debt Hammer article mentions that Nebraska, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Vermont, Alabama, Connecticut, Maine, Tennessee, Ohio and Minnesota also have special incentive programs for residents that move there from other states.

Sometimes it really does pay to move.

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