Even though we all like to complain about it, Facebook is great for a lot of things. And it can be a terrific resource for local information and entertainment. Here are some recommended Facebook pages for Sedalia residents.

Sedalia Memories is a fun Facebook group for nostalgia, and it has over 5,800 members! Participants are always posting old photos from around the area, or just asking questions about things they kind of remember, but need clarification on. It's even fun for those of us that recently moved to Sedalia to follow this group, and to see all of the cool old pictures from the city's past.

For those that like to look for bargains, or even sell some of their stuff, the Sedalia Buy/Sell/Trade group is pretty popular. There's also a smaller group dedicated to buying, selling, and trading hunting items. We'll also recommend Seize the Deal, too.

The Missouri Department of Conservation is a lot of fun to follow on Facebook. They're always posting interesting info about animals, outdoor life, and events that the department is involved with. Their page sometimes gets kind of quirky. They recently posted a video with a recipe for squirrel sausage.

If you're looking for local news, KSIS and the Sedalia Democrat are both pages worth following if you want to know what's going on around the area. Especially since we don't have local TV news dedicated to the Sedalia area, these two sources are really valuable.

Those are some of the local Facebook pages and groups that we are aware of. There are probably some that we haven't been alerted to. Do you know of any fun/interesting/useful Facebook pages for local residents? If so, please let us know in the comments section.

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