Americans still LOVE fast food. A new survey found the average American eats fast food at LEAST twice a week, and spends about $1,300 a year on it.

America is the undisputed champion of fast food. And we're making sure it STAYS that way.

A new survey of 1,000 Americans found that we still LOVE our fast food . . . no matter how often we hear it's not good for us. Check this out . . .

The average American eats fast food at least twice a week and spends $12.50 every time. That adds up to about $1,300 a year.

Burgers, pizza, and fried chicken are the most common fast food meals.

The top three reasons we eat fast food are we're too busy . . . too impatient to cook . . . or too LAZY to cook.

7% of us eat fast food DAILY or almost every day . . . and 5% eat fast food for pretty much EVERY MEAL.

So, that got me curious.  I really don't think I eat fast food more than once a month -  I just never seem to make it out to a drive thru.  Maybe it's because my window was broken on my car for so long.  Either way.  I want to know what you think! How often do you have fast food?  What's your favorite fast food restaurant?  What do you like best about it?  Tell me about your fast food habits and we'll talk about em on the air!

Hungrily yours,

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