DYK-Did You Know or Do You Know-an acronym. The question is did you know that Liquid Paper was invented by the mom of a member of the TV/rock group hit series, "The Monkees"?

Michael Nesmith, guitarist and member of the 60's rock group "The Monkees" has a mom that probably made money than her rock music/TV star son.

Bette Nesmith Graham was a divorced mom trying to make ends meet in the 40's and 50's. Trying to make a buck, she made money with various pt jobs and eventually typing and shorthand. Gaining full-time employment with a Texas bank, she was working as an executive assistant when changes were made in the typewriter industry that turned out to cause more mistakes being made.

Typewriter ribbons went from fabric to carbon as technology prevailed. Unfortunately this caused sensitivity issues on the keyboard thus more mistakes were made.

According to a story from thoughtco.com, Nesmith Graham went back to her painting days when she remembered that painters covered up their mistakes with more paint. She wondered why something similar couldn't be used to cover up the typing mistakes.

She first came up with the beginnings of Liquid Paper in her home and put it in a bottle labeled "Mistake Out." She tried it at work and kept working on the solution in her kitchen. She gave some to her friends and they loved it.

The rest of the story of how Liquid Paper progresses and becomes a product that has been used by millions and how her only son, Robert Michael Nesmith, becomes a member of the TV rock group "The Monkees", is a thing of beauty.

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