I've got good news and bad news for cat owners. Everybody else . . . as you were, none of this will come as a surprise.

The good news is, your cats probably aren't lying around depressed when you leave them home alone all day. The bad news is, they might not MISS you either.

Researchers in the U.K. recently observed how 20 cats interacted with their owners, and found that cats don't rely on us for a sense of protection the way dogs do. Shocking news.

In other words, dogs get separation anxiety and miss you when you're gone, because they see you as their protector. But cats are more independent and don't see you that way, so they don't care as much when you leave them alone.

A good example of the protector thing is when someone new comes over to visit. Dogs tend to stay close to you in that situation, either to protect you or because they expect you to protect THEM. But cats don't rely on you for that, so they just run and hide.

The researchers did find that cats meowed more after their owner left them alone than when a complete stranger hung out and then left.

But they think it's just a sign of frustration or boredom. Because the cats didn't really show any OTHER signs of social attachment with their owners. I don't know who these cats were, but they need to have a talk with our cats.  When I get home, they always have to follow me around for a few minutes. And my cat has to sit on me as soon as possible.

Do you think your pets miss you when you leave?  What makes you feel that way?


Pettingly yours,


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