Have you seen either of these people? Sedalia Police are looking for the woman in the left picture in connection with a theft investigation. Warrensburg Police are looking for the man in the right picture for an undisclosed reason. To be clear these are separate investigations taking place in different towns. If you know who one of these people are please contact the appropriate police department.

Here's a picture of the woman wanted by Sedalia Police:

Sedalia Police want to talk to this woman. (Sedalia Police Department)

She's been driving a blue Ford Escape with hood damage. If you know who she is or have any information about her contact Detective Travis St.Cyr  with the Sedalia Police Department at 660-827-7823 Ext 1212. Here's a picture of the lady and her vehicle:

Sedalia PD

Here's a picture of a man Warrensburg Police are looking for:

Warrensburg PD

Anyone with information regarding the identity of this person is asked to contact Warrensburg Police at 660-747-9133. Warrensburg Police did not disclose why they are trying to locate this person.

Here is the Facebook post shared by the Warrensburg Police Department. The Sedalia Police Department's Facebook page can be found here. I'd urge you to like them to keep up with information about what's going on in our communities. Plus the officer whose running the Warrensburg PD Facebook page has some game!