Now more than ever people are looking for ways to make an extra buck. It might be a side gig that takes you out making deliveries, or maybe it's a part-time job working from home. whatever it may be, most of us could use extra money these days.

Well, believe it or not, I may have a way where all you have to do is jump on the computer, make a few clicks of the mouse, type in some information, and you're all of a sudden sitting there with a few more dollars and maybe even into the hundreds!

I just went on a website for missing money and believe it or not, I found a hundred bucks that's been out there for years.

You always see the ads that you can click on a link and possibly find missing money. Well I did...and I did!

I worked for a company as an insurance agent back in the day and one of the companies has been holding a commission of $100.00 in my name.

It was as simple as putting in my name and hitting search. That was it. 

If you've worked at different jobs scattered across the good ol' U.S. of A., then you might take a moment to check it out. If not for you try it for a family member. 

You could possibly find some cha-ching in the form of utility deposits, paychecks, and/or unsettled bank accounts along with possible payouts from insurance companies.

Go to to see if you're heading to the bank with a smile on your face!

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