With us here in West Central Missouri, you can never tell when you're going to have a decent actual snow.I don't mind the snow a whole lot, but I do mind when it's icy or slick or anything like that.  That limits fun that can be had, you see.  But fun can indeed be had. I remember as a kid we used to take the lids of trash cans and put them on the top of my Grandmother's small "hill" in the backyard and try to "sled".  Later someone got the bright idea of grabbing those tubes you float on in the pool to try to get down the hill but we never really got very far.

Now, though.  Now you can, as an adult or even as a family, go on a real tubing adventure. There's a place just outside of St Louis that looks insane.  It's called Hidden Valley Ski, Ride and Tube.  They have one spot that's a ski slope, and another that's called a "tubing park".  It looks downright awesome.

hiddenvalleystl via Instagram

You can even take the kids.  They don't have an age limit, the rider just has to be able to sit in the tube alone.  But if they're a little nervous you can do something like a tandem thing, where they hook up the tubes together.

hiddenvalleystl via Instagram

I don't know how to ski, but it looks really pretty.

That'd probably be more of what I do, night tubing.

hiddenvalleystl via Instagram

Although this dude does look like he's having a TIME.

hiddenvalleystl via Instagram

And there's even warm weather options! I've always wanted to go on a zip line.

Sure, you'd probably have to bundle up some, but it might worth breaking out the long johns go get the family together to go tubing.  Especially because it can be hard to find a safe, yet actual big enough hill to do it here. And, you don't get a snack bar and a bonfire to warm you up when you're trying to do it in your backyard. Anyway, you can find out more at their website.  Husbando and I might have to get the girls and head out one weekend!

Tubingly yours,