As we enter the month of March, the tours begin back up again at a Missouri prison that was once coined "the bloodiest 47 acres in America."

Jefferson City is the site of the Missouri State Penitentiary. It was 2004 when the penitentiary was decommissioned, but now you have the opportunity to visit the prison for any of their tours.

According to the penitentiary's website, the excursions that are available for 2021 are the History, Ghost, and Photography tours.

If you're a history buff, this tour will definitely fill you with facts and figures about the prison and it's notorious inmates.

The ghost tour is one to experience if you're looking for chills up and down your spine. The website describes it like this:

Are you an aspiring ghost hunter who wants a fun and frightening experience? We have ghost hunting and paranormal investigation tours that will guarantee a “spooktacular” time!

The last of the three is the photography tour. If capturing moments in time is your thing, you will be clicking until your heart's content with this one. You'll definitely add some new photos to your portfolio and find out the stories behind them.

You'll step back in time and hear the history of this 168 year-old prison. Maybe the History Tour is the the first place to start. Dates are limited in the month of March. You can reserve your tour by contacting the Missouri State Penitentiary office for dates and times online at You can also call 866-998-6998.

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