A story was was published on Securitybaron.com about the safest cities in the Show-Me state. Not only did they list the top 50 safest cites but also the rankings of cities all the way up to the #124 spot on the list. (Of course, # 124 was at the bottom.) Where do yo think Sedalia placed if at all?

The list started out with the top three safest cities in Missouri. Those belonged to:

  1. Bonne Terre, with a safety score of 90.34 out of a possible 100.
  2. Greenwood, with a score of 89.36
  3. Ballwin, with a score of 88.2

From there the list declares the other other 47 safest cities in Missouri. There were some area cities that didn't make the top 50 but they were included in the list of 124. They included:

#52 - Boonville

#62 - Warrensburg

#71 - Marshall

#91 - Clinton

So where did Sedalia rank on the list if at all? The county seat of Pettis County, Sedalia, Missouri, came in at #109 out of 124 cities.

According to the report:

Of course, this isn’t just the safest cities according to personal opinion. Rather, we used the FBI’s 2017 and 2016 Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) data to choose our top picks, based on factors like:

  • Murder rate
  • Rape rate
  • Robbery Rate
  • Assault rate
  • Burglary rate
  • Theft rate
  • Vehicle theft rate
  • Arson rates
  • Median Income
  • So there you have it...Sedalia, #109 out of 124 cities in Missouri.

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