Since we're getting our Christmas wish list together for Santa, how about a concert wish list for the 2018 Missouri State Fair?

It was announced that Reba McEntire will be at the Iowa State Fair in 2018. A lot of times you will see that artists that appear at the the fair up north will include the Missouri State Fair on their schedule either before of after the Iowa date. How would you like to see Reba in Sedalia next August?

We can wish big on the major artists that are out there touring and/or we can put on our wish list the new artists that will be a lot less expensive to bring into the Missouri State Fair.

Either way, Country, Rock, Christian or any other genre...there's always an artist or two that we would LOVE to see come to the Pepsi Grandstand. So get out your pen and paper and let's see who you would like to see this summer!

Jacques Kloppers

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