So I posted a question on Facebook yesterday morning. It was "Ladies...Does your husband/significant other help with the dishes and/or the laundry?" You wouldn't believe the response we got, and for the most part it was pretty much all positive!

As of writing this we had over 2,100 looking at the question, and with all those checking it out, 72 comments were left.

Before I started looking at the comments, I was hoping I would see that the husband/significant other was always in there helping out. This just confirmed it!

Some of the more positive comments included the following...

"My husband cooks dinner so I do the dishes. I'm particular about laundry so I do that too. But he helps with the kids." -Kayla Z.

Janice H. added "Yes helps with whatever I need. Couldn't ask for better. We are a team."

Carla B.D pretty much summed it up for all wives that have a great partner - "Yes my awesome Hubby does everything for me He does it all. He is the best ever! I am blessed beyond measure!

Now here's the one that tops them all. It's from Erika R.- "Of course he does, dishes, laundry, cleaning house and even more so cooking. He always said he was taught growing up how to do all of those things in case he was stuck being single and even if he wasn't that it's always right to split the house work."

Now it wasn't all positive. Here's a couple from the other side of the fence-

Melissa M. - "NO not unless it benefits him."

And Ann A. summed it up for all negative answers- "Well hell no he says that's women's work"

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