There was a day where most people only drank coffee during the morning hours. A cup or two around breakfast and then that was it for the day, but nowadays you'll see just as many in line at the drive-thru coffee shops during the afternoon hours, too.

The consumption of coffee has especially changed since the COVID-19 pandemic. More consumers are getting their "afternoon fix" of caffeine to help them steer thru the rest of the day. Since so many workers are still at home doing their jobs, they take a quick break and run through the line for that cup of joe.

When I was younger, high school days I guess, I used to put sugar and cream in my morning dew. Through the years those tastes have changed. Now, I can't imagine dropping in a couple spoons of sugar into my cup. How about you?

As I've gotten older my coffee taste buds have definitely changed, and sometimes it's on a daily and/or a weekly basis.

Presently it's a dark roast with cream. Sometimes I dilute the dark roast down a tad. You have to remember that getiing up at o' dark thirty, (Actually it's 4:00 a.m.) I need something that will help to get my dead brain cells bouncing around in my noggin. Usually a couple cups of the dark brew helps immensely!

Whether it's sugared, creamed, latted, black or whatever other way you consume the bean that Juan Valdez made famous, how do you take your coffee in the morning?

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