Xi Beta Upsilon, chapter of Beta Sigma Phi, with the assistance of the Mayor and the City Council, announced the winners of the City’s 36th annual outdoor Christmas Light Contest on Wednesday:

First place winner is Kristy Collins, 2403 S. Kentucky.

Second place winner is Andy Stovall, 424 S. Grand.

Third place winner is Brett and Angie Martin, 2400 Albert Lee.

There were a total of 20 entries in the annual contest.

Other entries included:

Roger Strecker, 2505 Margaret
Linda Meek, 1908 E. Broadway
Frank Arndt, 801 E. 7th
Jim & Linda Cruzan, 1200 S. Marvin
John Hoffmann, 809 La Grand
Ashea Lutjen and Justin Withers, 1009 Leone
James and Catherine Byerly and Family, 1208 S. Murray
Dallas Duncan, 3304 Plaza Circle
Josh Noble, 1506 W. 4th
Dave Gillespie, 1900 E. 6th
Judie and Robert Hackworth, 1301 W. 3th
Jim and Wanda Meyer, 2612 S. Stewart
Tim and Nancy Welch, 2401 S. Grand
Monse Rivera, 3232 Buckingham Drive
Bonnie Wolfe, 1603 W. Broadway
Efrain Sanchez, 3309 S. Stewart
Pam and Tiffani Youtzy, 1436 S. Sneed.