If there's one thing I'm sure we've all seen driving around town, it's the good old Christmas lights.  It seems like some people are ready to get their lights up as soon as Halloween!  But now it's December, and that means that everybody's gonna be getting theirs up soon.  So why not join in on a little friendly competition?

XI Beta Upsilon, a Chapter Of Beta Sigma Pi,  with the Mayor and the City Council, are holding their annual Decorating Contest.  Prizes will be awarded for first, second, and third place, and there will be cash prizes, too. The deadline to enter the contest is noon on Monday, Dec. 9., and the judging will occur on Thursday, Dec. 12.  You can enter by calling 827-3000, ex. 145 or stop by the Mayor's office at City Hall.

Now if you're intimidated by the idea of a lot of decor, don't fret.  It's not necessarily judged by the size of the lighting display.  Up to ten points will be awarded for each category, which includes lighting, eye appeal, originality and overall appeal. So if you just get a little creative, you might be a winner!

There are a couple of stipulations apart from the previous winners: ya gotta keep those lights up throughout the season, and the judging area is only in the city limits.  Other than that, go to town!  Go all out! Use your imagination and get in the spirit.

Decoratingly yours,


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