I don't know about you guys, but for me, Christmas means family and parties. Well, not all ragers, don't get me wrong. But getting together with some folks, eatin' some food, and tellin' tales of the old days.I'm sure it's something that you guys do too.  Everybody loves that time when you're sitting around after having eaten your second helping of turkey and you're contemplating the second piece of pie.  That's the time that the old stories come out, all about what you and your cousins did when you were five, or what your aunt and your dad did when they were ten.  So I took some photos of one of our family gatherings - we've had a couple so far, we're gonna have at least one more. This is one that turned out bigger than I thought; we ended up having a great time, though!

The photos don't quite do it justice though - I took a video so you can get an idea of the... excitement? Really, it's just noise. We're loud.

I sincerely hope you have a great holiday season, not just this week, but into the New Year, too.  I hope this is a time to take a second and just tell the people that need to hear it that you love them.  I hope it's a time when you can be surrounded by those people, thankful for all their health.  I hope it's a time when you can think back happily on the people you love that you've lost, and know that their memory will live on with you.  I hope you think of all those who aren't as lucky or fortunate as you, and that you'll give what you can when you can, whether it's money, goods, or time.  I hope you'll get that special, magical feeling of the holiday, and that just for a second, everything will be alright in your world.

Why don't you tell me about your holiday get togethers this season?  If you've got a photo, I'd love to see it.  Tell me what you've already done or what you've got planned.   Let's spread the holiday cheer!

Happiest of Holidays,