The Chiefs have won the Super Bowl. The parties have all been had. The beer has been drunk. And all that's left is a quarter bag of stale Cheetos from your party. And you feel a little sad. That's to be expected.

I felt it after the Royals won the World Series in 2015. You might have felt it too. It's what one doctor calls a "happiness hangover" and it's very real.

According to, Dr. Gregory Nawalanic says it's a real thing and it's completely normal. Simply, the Chiefs Superbowl run got our adrenaline pumping and after the victory faded a little bit, our adrenaline dropped.

It's normal to experience it because the human brain isn't made to be running on the highs of a major life event for a long amount of time.

It's not just a World Series victory, or a Superbowl Championship that can do it to us either. It can be a great concert you've been looking forward too. A birthday celebration. A weekend getaway. Heck, you ever get that slightly downer feeling late on Sunday afternoon that the weekend's over? It's the same thing.

It's not always easy to beat the blues, but really they should dissipate in a couple of days for most of us. At this point I've moved on.

I have a lot I'm looking forward to this spring and summer. A great exciting Royals season. Some time off and a visit home. Great concerts in KC and at the state fair. And the next great find at a used record store. And oh yeah, you think Patrick Mahomes was great this season, just wait until next August. I smell a dynasty on the horizon for the Chiefs. That's enough to get me amped up, and not even a big football fan.

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