Well, it's technically on Highway U, but I think it counts. It's so crazy how there are all sorts of different houses, apartments, just a variety of cheap to expensive housing in our area.  I guess I live in a "normal" neighborhood?  We have houses that are somewhat close to each other, lots of kids out in alleys carousing, people let their cats out... sometimes someone has some trash out back, but for the most part it's tidy.

But I get curious about how the other half lives, you know.  Sometimes.  I'm sure these people have put in a lot of hard work to live this way, but I admit I get a little jealous of these places I will never be able to afford. 

So let's check it out, let's see what's out there.  The second most expensive house for sale in the Sedalia area is 28993 Highway U.


Looks pretty nice!  Six bedrooms, six bathrooms, just under 600k. $519,900 to be exact.  I can't fathom that kind of money.  Having over a thousand in my savings account is, like, a huge win for me.  So I really kind of choke at the thought of a mortgage payment that's almost $2.5k a month.

They must have had a big family or something for six bedrooms!


Not gonna lie, it looks really nice.


I can't imagine having that much space in the kitchen.


And all that storage.  You probably don't have to play the Tetris stacking game with the pots in your cabinets.


You have a fireplace?! Dang.  Okay, don't be jealous.  Think of something that could be bad about having a fireplace. Um... you could get too hot? I can't tell if it's gas or if it's you know, a real fireplace so let's just assume it is a real one.  I wouldn't want to have to buy wood all the time! There.  That's better.


Okay, now I'm full on jealous.  A jacuzzi type tub, shower, and two sinks?! And that's one of SIX bathrooms?  Walk in closet? Check.  Den with a bar? Check. Deck? Check.  Huge yard? Check.

Jeez, it must be nice.  My mom always said big houses were a hassle because you have more rooms to clean.  I guess she has a point.  There must be a lot of time spent removing dust from all these rooms.  Although if they can afford this house I bet they have somebody to take care of that for them.  Musta worked really hard!

Anyways, there you have it - a house that's perfect and way out of my league. I'll go home to my two bedroom one bath house tonight and be grateful for what I have. After all, it's paid for.  It's comfy, it's homey - I guess that's enough for me.

Have you ever been shocked at someone's house - either in a good or bad way?

Homeingly yours,