The Warrensburg Police Department is warning residents that catalytic converter thefts are on the rise in Warrensburg.

The Warrensburg Police Department announced this in a Facebook post appealing for the public's help in identifying two suspects caught on video stealing a catalytic converter.

In case you're curious catalytic converters are an emission control device on the exhaust systems of our vehicles that reduce toxic gasses and pollutants that come out of the vehicle's tail pipe. It's an expensive part to replace on your vehicle. Around $2,000 on most vehicles, according to the Warrensburg PD's post.

Here's how you can keep from being a victim of this kind of theft:

  • Park in well lit areas and close to entrances and exits of buildings.
  • If  you have a garage, park your car in it. And keep the door closed and locked.
  • Have the catalytic converter welded to your car's frame to make it harder to steal.
  • Engrave your vehicle's VIN number on the converter.
  • Calibrate your car's alarm to go off when it detects vibration.
  • Install video surveillance where you park your car.

If you know anything about the people in the surveillance video shared by the Warrensburg Police Department contact them through the direct message on Facebook, email, or by calling them at at 660-747-2265.

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