What is it about kids singing country music? It's irresistible every single time. Luke Bryan recently had an adorable show-stealer onstage with him, and now it's happened again -- this time to Carrie Underwood. The songstress invited a special little girl named Brooklyn to sing with her at the Puyallup Fair concert in Washington state on Friday (Sept. 14). 

Although this marked the first time Brooklyn has been onstage in concert with Underwood, it actually wasn't the first time she's been associated with the country superstar. The tiny girl in cowboy boots also made an appearance in the official music video for 'See You Again.' If you recall touching airport footage of a little girl running into her dad's arms after he returns from service, it's the same girl -- just a little bit older (Watch for her at the 2:53 mark).

When Underwood brought Brooklyn onstage, everyone in the crowd was instantly smitten -- and who wouldn't be? The mini star was dressed to impress in little cowgirl boots and a ruffled dress that basically was the epitome of 'adorable.'

"I might take her home with me," Underwood admitted as the crowd cheered their approval.

"You've got a sparkly microphone!" she exclaimed to the little girl, explaining to the audience, "She said she wanted a pink one, but I didn't have a pink one."

"Let's do this!" Underwood yelled as the band began playing. She led Brooklyn to the front of the stage and the itty bitty singer took it from there, stealing the show with her perfect timing and adorably off-key voice belting out every word.

At one point, Underwood let the girl sing by herself, and her little voice led the song as the Grammy-winning songstress grinned from ear to ear. She even mouthed to her, "You're doing so good!"

Brooklyn saved the best for last, singing last two words of the song. "Is this not the most adorable young lady?" Underwood asked the audience. We give a resounding yes.

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