We've seen animals on TV and in movies that seem to be able to sense when impending bad weather is approaching. So with this can animals, like our dogs and cats, predict earthquakes?

Some people believe that dogs and cats are capable of not only predicting the weather but also earthquakes. In fact, scientists have weighted in on the notion. A book was published by a German scientist, Helmut Tributsch . It deals with animal behavior and earthquakes.

According to an article on farmersalmanac.com, when we have electrically charged air, i.e., when the earth's plates rub together, the flow of ions might be detectable to animals. Why, you ask? Well, we're giving you more of a science lesson. According to the story, animals have drier body surfaces than humans. In other words, they don't sweat. (I didn't know this, did you?) Thus, the electrostatic charges that fill the air prior to an earthquake are detected by the animals since their bodies are more sensitive.

Some animals do some crazy things prior to an earthquake that would make you think they know something we don't. Some say these animals, particularly dogs and cats, can be predictors of earthquakes.

The article goes on to say:

If you live in a place prone to earthquakes, the next time your dog or cat is acting funny, write it down. See for yourself whether your pet possesses an ability that would be of great help to geophysicists and seismologists.

Included in the story from farmersalmanac.com, was a YouTube clip from 2010 of a dog named Sophie that showed some type of detection prior to an earthquake taking place.

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