C.A.T.S. or the Cat Assistance Team Sedalia found their feline. On Monday the group shared a heartbreaking story and some photos about a stray cat they were trying to find and capture in the State Fair Boulevard area that had some medical issues including what looked like a collar embeded in it's neck that needed a removal by a vet. They also believe this cat wouldn't survive much longer without medical attention.

Today the group shared a little bit of good news on their Facebook page about the kitty. They had trapped the cat and brought it to the Thompson Hills Animal Clinic to get it the help it needs. Sadly, the cat isn't doing so well and C.A.T.S. is asking for our help to pay for the animal's medical bills.

If you'd like to donate, you can make a donation directly to Thompson Hills Animal Clinic, or by donating using the button provided on their Facebook post below.

In case you're not aware of what C.A.T.S does, here's a description of what the group does:

"C.A.T.S is a licensed 501(c)(3) animal rescue whose main focus is TNR (Trap Neuter Return of community cats) in Sedalia, Otterville and the surrounding areas. Even though TNR is our main focus, we are here to help any animal in need. The majority of our intake comes from TNR cats that are too sick to return to their colony and would have been euthanized, as well as orphaned kittens too young to return. Adoptable cats and kittens from our TNR efforts are neutered, vaccinated, tested, micro-chipped, and placed in good homes."

C.A.T.S. has some kittens and cats available for adoption and this month they have a special where the adoption fee for all cats and kittens is $25.00. If you're interested in adopting a feline saved by C.A.T.S contact them at helpsedaliacats@gmail.com.

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