As much traffic as we encounter in Sedalia you would think we had pretty much every fast food joint and restaurant available in or around the city limits. Unfortunately, that's not the case but it would be interesting to see more businesses move into the State Fair City.

With Sedalia's population being around 23,000 and around the 40,000 mark for Pettis County, we have our fair share of restaurants, fast-food establishments, and grocery stores. For some though, the location and lack of other businesses in a particular quadrant of the city can be a sore spot.

We went to the KIX 105.7 Facebook page and asked the question, "Which direction would you like to see business expansion in Sedalia, and what would you like to see?" Well, Facebook followers weighed in with their answers.

The dominant direction/location of choice looks like it would be on the east side of Sedalia. Many people weighed in with more grocery stores, fast food, restaurants, and a few other choices for the State Fair City. Here's some of the comments:

Kimberly R.S. - East side and grocery store or shopping center. Honestly tired of going all the way across town for something

Christine D.B. - My daughter and I always wish for Target, although we both know that probably won't happen. I was surprised to see a Hobby Lobby when we moved back 6 years ago.

Chris G. - Eastside of sedalia is being left out... I small bank and I hardee's restaurant that half the time cant get the order right. We need a grocery store and nice restaurant or atleast a nice fast food restaurant that's new to the town, there is a lot of traffic on east 50 and that would bring plenty of business through! Really miss the east bings!

Amanda G. - EAST. A grocery store or something more than just Dollar General

There's more to see on the KIX 105.7 Facebook page. Add your comments.

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