You'd think that personal relationships wouldn't be up for grabs when it comes to a newspaper. 

I mean, sure, you list when someone gets a marriage license, or if they get a divorce decree,  or whatever.  And that's mostly because they have to document the paperwork, etc.  But if somebody just breaks up or gets ghosted or whatever, that's not news, right? That's not something everybody has to know?  Maybe you'll change your Facebook status, but you're not getting an article written. Well, that's how we feel about it today, that is.  That wasn't always the case here in Sedalia.  Back in the day, getting stood up might make the local newspaper.

Yes, again I got bored and decided to poke around in the good old online archives of the newspaper, The Sedalia Bazoo.  Overall, I think I find it fascinating just because what was considered important back then might not be something that is important now.

Sure, there were some things I saw in this edition that might make the news today; a guy got gored by a giant boar, a lady reported her husband for hitting her and her children, some scammers tried to defend their honor from jail.  But... this?   This is a story they called "Waiting for His Affancied".

A disconsolate looking specimen of a man was at the depot this morning, for the fourth day in succession.  He is engaged to be married, and his intended is visiting at a town west of her.  She was to have arrived in Sedalia Monday, when they were to go to Appleton City and have the matrimonial knot tied.  She has failed, so far, to put in an appearance, and the young man is evidently sorely perplexed.  He will be at the depot again to-morrow and you will have no difficulty in picking him out.

What the actual heck, reporter?!  Dude's heart is broken, he's waiting for a lady who probably isn't going to show up, and you just.... tell people to look for him at the depot? Who gains anything from reading that?  All I gain is sadness for the dude.  No crime was committed.  Nobody was physically hurt.  There was no property damage or monetary loss, just.... a bro is sad at the train station.

I wonder if he took any consolation from reading that.  Probably not. He probably just got sadder.  Unless people really came to see him, maybe tried to cheer him up.  I hope if he didn't find her, that he found someone else.  I wonder what happened next, I wonder why she didn't turn up, I wonder how long he kept going to the depot.  There are so many unanswered questions.

I'm just glad it's different now,  I'll tell you that.  Sure, you may hear about some stuff happening on social media, but you have to opt in for that, you know.  You have to follow someone or friend them or whatever to hear what's going on with them. I suppose in some ways then, times have changed for the better!

Depotly yours,

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