Brad Paisley is passionate about helping the people of Haiti. Seven months ago, he visited the region to help build clean water stations. Now, he has returned to the country as part of the human-centered film project that accompanies his ballad 'I Can't Change the World.'

In a recent interview, Paisley spoke about the film, and how the underlying theme relates to how digital technology and advancements make us feel like we are more connected than ever. But in reality, the communication is like a high-calorie, low-substance meal, and it prevents any meaningful connectivity.

Paisley said, “This song is very important. It’s a really timely love song. It wouldn’t have worked 30 years ago as well as it will now. It’s written for the time we live in. Technology, instead of connecting us, it starts to separate us.”

He furthered, “Changing this planet is hard to do for any one person, but if you make a difference in any one else’s life, yours has meaning.”

The film, while fictional, is inspired by real events. It is also fluid, and Paisley's humanitarian work in Haiti appears to be factoring into his plans to change the world through art, song and this film project.

The guitarist did say it would start filming in September and he is right on schedule. He is hoping to be able to screen it at theaters.