Haiti is one of those countries you see every now and then on the news and think: "Oh, those poor people.  I should do something to help them", and then promptly forget about it.  After all, your life is busy, and you have your own affairs to look after.  But the Strong Tower group is asking for your help with the young children of Haiti.Haiti is already the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, and adding to that, the tragedy of the 2010 earthquake nearly crippled the entire country.  The morgues were so overwhelmed that people had to buried in mass graves.  You can imagine the devastation to their homes and families, and many young girls in Haiti have felt the worst of it.   But the Strong Tower is working to bring practical, pragmatic help to the people who need it by providing shelter and loving homes.  I got to talk with Lorie Hault of Strong Tower about their upcoming fundraiser run.

The First Strong Tower Love Run/Walk will be held to benefit Haiti’s orphans.  It’ll take place on Saturday, November 1, starting at the Celebration Center, 1701 West 32nd street at 8:00 a.m.  Registration fee is $20 or $30 to Run/walk in honor of one of the girls in care.  You can register online at here or you can pick up a registration form at Total Fitness Gym, Hibbetts, First Christian Church, Pummill’s Sporting Goods, Brian’s Gym or the First Christian Church Celebration Center.   If you register by October 15, you are guaranteed a shirt. You can also find them on Facebook or email email@strongtowerorphanage.com.

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