Around this time of year a lot of you are thinking about basketball. We're doing a bracket challenge here - but there's another great bracket challenge that will help our local kids with the Boys and Girls Club!

The Boys and Girls Club are doing a March Mayhem bracket challenge! Get signed up, make a small donation to the great folks at the B&GC, and join in on the fun. I got to talk with Matt LaCasse of the Boys and Girls Club with the details.

Think you've got the inside info on who is cutting down the nets? Prove it. Join the Club in the annual March Mayhem tournament! Cost to enter is just $20 (visit their site and choose the third option down to purchase your bracket). You can join our group after brackets are announced at

Join us at Fitter's 5th St. Pub in downtown Sedalia on March 19th as we auction off each team.Visit their website to get signed up at their donate page and join them down at Fitters on March 19 to watch the games and trash talk with the best.

Mayhemily yours,

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