I'm sad to report that no matter how beautiful your man-body is, and no matter how spectacular you are as a person . . . you can never compete with a pair of ridiculously expensive high heels.

A new survey found that one in five women say they get more excited by a new pair of shoes than by their significant other. And there's more . . . Half of women lie to their significant other about how much they spend on shoes.  Almost half of women judge people based on their shoes . . . and the majority of that judging is NEGATIVE, not positive.  And 82% of women have bought a knockoff pair of shoes or purse.

Some women might hate wearing high heels, but men love it when they do. A university in France conducted a number of social experiments involving women wearing either flat shoes, regular shoes with two-inch heels or pumps with 3.5-inch heels.

In one of the experiments, women asked people on the street for assistance on a survey, each time wearing a different pair of shoes. Invariably, one young woman wearing high heels was the most popular with men. In fact, 83 percent of the guys spent three to four minutes assisting her while only 47 percent did when she wore the flats. So apparently as uncomfortable as high heels might be for women, they apparently turn men on. And even though they ARE uncomfortable..... women seem to like them quite a lot.

What do you think?  Guys, do you like when a woman wears high heels?  Ladies, do you get excited about shoes?  Everybody, how many pairs of shoes do you currently own?  What are some of the different uses you have for each pair?  Tell me all about what's going on in your shoe rack and we'll talk about it on the air while you earn points and get prizes.

Footwearingly yours,

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