This week's round of Enquiring Minds surveys are just as unusual, thought provoking, funny, and earnest as ever. Every day I try to think of something different to ask you guys.  Sometimes it's just something I want to know just because, or sometimes it's inspired by a new survey or news story.   Monday's question was partially inspired by both.  I asked you about going shopping on an empty stomach. It seems like Boyfriendo does this all the time, and then before you know it we're walking out of the store with canned oysters or something. Have you gone shopping hungry? Did you buy something you regretted later? What was it?

Oh, yeah! Unfortunately I've stopped at the grocery many times after work & before supper. I always end up with something I hadn't planned on buying but, gee, it looked or sounded good. Usually it's junk food or a snack I didn't need. Of course I regretted it, usually when I'm complaining on gaining weight!

I have to watch myself on that one, so I don't go shopping right after work. I tell myself it's on the way home, but almost always that means some kind of snack.

Yes, I have shopped while ravenous! If I'm at Wal-Mart my "buyer's remorse" food item is anything from the deli that I shove down my gullet as I continue to shop. The General Tso's chicken is tasty...Woods has delicious onions rings and livers & gizzards! Bings East has the best friend catfish fillets right out of the fryer...I'm seeing a theme.

I guess I'm less adventurous. I'm the person who would think that they would try to stop me eating in the store and call it shoplifting or something. You're a daredevil, I like it.

Yes, 99% of the time i just end up getting junk food that is a quick fix that doesn't last

For a long time I was a sucker for that stuff they keep right by the checkout, you know? Then the next day you're wondering why you bought a single serving of peanut butter. Other notable cravings you guys bought while hungry included stuff like sardines and black licorice, so it's not all the same stuff.

On Tuesday, I asked you guys about a listener who had emailed me a question. "Tim" said his older brother is thinking about getting engaged to a lady who's very critical and just very harsh on him. Tim doesn't think they should get married, but didn't know if he should speak up and tell his brother what he thought. So I asked you guys what you would do. If you think a friend or relative is in a bad relationship... do you tell them, or keep it to yourself? Why? Would you want them to tell you if the situation was reversed?

Some of you tried both ways.

It's a hard thing to do & often causes a rift in your relationship. I've had it both ways..I told a friend & she didn't speak to me for awhile & when I didn't tell a friend she was mad later because I didn't say anything. If it were me, tell me & hopefully I could be mature enough to look at their side to make the best decision for me.

Yeah, I mean, you do want to be honest with your friend. Maybe there's a way to say something so that you're not being hurtful about it.

Friends and family are definitely different for me concerning this. If say an aunt of mine was in a "bad relationship", I would probably stay out of it, honestly. Not being super close with my family and fear of over stepping boundaries would keep me from saying anything. As far as friends-that's a whole 'nother ballgame! Casenet, Facebook stalking, asking mutual friends 20 questions-it's all fair game (in regards to finding out dirty deeds)! I would absolutely want my friends to tell me if they thought I was in a bad, unhealthy relationship. Love is definitely blind and stupid; sometimes you just can't see when you're in an awful relationship.

You're absolutely right, there. Not only would you need to know if someone had a bad past that they had hidden from you.... but you can definitely put the blinders on when you're smitten. I know I chose to ignore several red flags in one relationship, and it got me dumped in a Detroit Kroger parking lot.

On Wednesday, Doug was giving me a bit of the business over our question, concerning household chores. Are the household chores equally split in your house? If not, who does more? Who does what?

Some things are split equally. I cook, the husband cleans the kitchen. I'm in charge of laundry and usually end up doing most of it although the kids and husband help out. The kids sort their own clothes (ages 11 and 8) and put their clothes away. They're usually better at sorting the clothes better than their father as well. Both can wash, dry,and fold their own clothes if asked. Husband is in charge of finances and I take care of all the health appts, medications, etc. I guess thinking about it now that we have kids everything is being split pretty equally. Before kids, I probably did most of the housecleaning stuff. Even when he's trying to help, I usually go back and redo the stuff that he's done...minus the kitchen because I hate cleaning the kitchen. :)

We do that, too. I do the financial stuff and the bills, and most of the outdoor work. Boyfriendo takes care of the dishes and stuff like that. I'd like to think we play to our talents.

The chores in our house are split fairly equally. I do most of the kitchen cleaning (dishes, wiping of counters, etc.), we cook most of our meals together, he cleans the bathroom, does the vacuuming, dusting, sweeping and Swiffering of floors, and taking out of the trash. We split outside/yard work. I'm responsible for all of our pet's care and feeding. I think we've just taken the things we hate and have the other person do them and it seems to work. Yay for cohabitation!

See, my problem is, I don't know if there's one I just LOVE to do. I will sometimes do the dishes or the laundry... it's not like I'm dirty and I'll just let them sit there. If they need to get done, they get done, it's just that usually they're done by the time I get back from work. Then when I get home, I do the things that Boyfriendo hadn't gotten to. So sometimes, that means the trash, and I Do Not like that.

No, but I wash dishes and clothes and cook and sew and clean floors, come to think of it, yes, evenly split.

HMM. I'm not sure what to make of this answer.

ANYWAY. On Thursday, I read an article about body insecurity. Apparently many, many women have a part of their body that they don't like. And while men are less likely to talk about it, they are getting cosmetic surgery to get hair transplants or get rid of their moobs, etc. I know that for a lot of us, money's tight, so when I asked this I took that aspect out of the equation. If money were no object, would you get plastic surgery? What would you have altered?

Breast reduction would be nice along with a tummy reduction.

I know for some ladies, breast reduction might not even be a cosmetic issue, it's a pain and back strain issue. Most of the rest of the answers were similiar, like tummy tucks or liposuction. But there were a few people who said no.

i would not even think about it

And then there's the funny answer.

yes, take your pick

Well, whatever you do, don't change your sense of humor!

ANYWAY, that'll do it for us this week. But, I'll have a bunch of brand new ones next week, so come back and take some more surveys. Make sure you go back and take any of the other surveys you may have missed and you'll get points to win prizes!

Curiously yours,

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