This week it's been all the Missouri State Fair, all the time.  We've been out there at our RV outpost as well as all over the grounds, giving you the latest updates.  So I think you guys probably noticed a theme to this week's questions.

On Monday, I asked about the one thing we can't control when it comes to how much we enjoy the Fair: The Weather.  Has the weather ever kept you away from the Missouri State Fair?

I grew up in around Sedalia and the state fair and I personally don't think I can recall a year that it 1. did not rain or 2. did not get hot or muggy... and its never kept anyone away haha

Yeah, we've definitely had our share of changing weather. I think the only thing that's kept me off the grounds is when it's so hot I can't breathe.

It always rains sometime during the fair so I don't let that bother me much. I have more trouble with going in the extreme heat. Of course, there's always the wine tent.....

Oooooh, there's a point. That's using your noggin for the forces of good.

The bad weather has NEVER kept me from the State Fair!! It doesn't matter rain or shine, snow or heat,  I look forward to the State Fair every year and nothing will keep me away from going!

What an optimist. I'm with you!

No not really, there are places that you can go and keep cool for a while or get out of the rain.

And there's the practical person. You guys just see all the sides of it!

On Tuesday, I asked about the stuff that might not get as talked about on the Fairgrounds.  Sure, we love the music and the midway, but what other buildings and exhibits do you make a point to visit every Fair? Some of you mentioned the 4-H Building, the Commercial building, the Ag Building, and the Home Ec Building. You wanted to go for a bunch of different reasons, too.

I always go see how big the winning pumpkin is. (Last year I grew one over 200 lbs.!) I also make sure to see the butter sculpture and the Home Ec building to see the beautiful needlework.

I always marvel at how excellent some of these growers are. It's just crazy that they can grow those things so big and I can't get a flower to stay alive.

Anything with free stuff!

Now that's the reality, isn't it. FREE STUFF! I don't care if I have seven yard sticks at home, I'm gettin' another one, dangit.

On Wednesday, I asked about some of my favorite stuff on the Missouri State Fairgrounds: FAIR FOOD.  What's your favorite thing to eat on the Fairgrounds? Some of your answers were the classics: A State Fair corndog, kettle corn, funnel cakes. And some of the other answers were just as tasty.

Ice Cream from the dairy barn!!

Oh, yes. That's one of my favorites, too. We used to have our RV setup on the Fairgrounds out near the Gerken Dairy Barn, and I'd get at least four ice creams there. I told myself it was to see the Butter Cow and the Hog Races..... I think we all know better.

I love the potato twisters. I sometimes wonder how clean the vendor is but I eat it anyway!!!

Ooooh, see, now I've never had those. I'll have to try to find those and give them a taste test.

The Italian sausage with green peppers and onions. Must have mustard too.  A corn dog would be next and you always have to have a funnel cake. And then there is the cinnamon rolls and ice cream, How could anyone pick just one?

I remember a few times my parents went through the fair and just ate the entire time. They didn't really see any of the sites or go on the rides, they just walked around and got snacks. That's the way to get it done.

On Thursday, I started thinking about next year.  We've had so many great artists  play on the Pepsi Grandstand over the years.  Who would you like to see come to the stage next year?

I think it would be really cool to have Nickle back to come up next year.

Now that might be interesting, a different kind of rock show. I'm personally not a huge fan of Nickelback, but hey - different strokes, right?

Luke Bryan.

He came through a few years ago, I remember that. It was a huge show, and now he's even more popular than he was then. That would be huge!

Brantley Gilbert!

See, now there's a good idea. Brantley would bring a few other up and comers with him, too, so that would be quite a night.  We had a few more answers, too:

Chris Stapleton, Dwight Yoakum, Charlie Daniels, Travis Tritt.

Actually it wasn't a few, it was a LOT. You guys sure are thinking big.  On the Facebook, you guys totally blew it it up.  You suggested Hank Williams Jr, Eric Church, Five Finger Death Punch, Alabama, Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, Lorde,  Lee Brice, Ted Nugent,Travis Tritt,  Lenny Cooper, Shinedown, Big Smo, Reba McEntire, Carrie Underwood, and MORE.

Well, that's been a week's worth of questions about the Missouri State Fair and what you love best about it.  Make sure you join me next week for another round of questions about all sorts of different stuff.  You can take some of the old surveys and get points, and use them to win prizes.
Questioningly yours,


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