This year a friend of mine is coming back from visiting her parents a few days after Christmas, and it's the first time in a while she's been single. 

I'm not one of those folks who likes to go out and hoop and holler all night long anymore. That's just not my style.  She doesn't really feel like going to a New Year's Eve party all by herself and seeing everyone kiss each other when the ball drops.  That's lame.

And she doesn't want to come over and hang with us, because we're just gonna be sitting on the couch and playing video games or something with two ten year old girls. So she says she's thinking about hanging out in her house with her dog . . . relaxing . . . and spending the evening alone.  I thought this was a brilliant idea - maybe because this sounds like something I would do.  You can substitute cats for a dog, it's pretty much the same with me.  But then, I'm not the cool barometer you should be measuring yourself to, you know what I mean?

So she asked me,  Is it lame to spend New Year's Eve alone?   As you get older, do you stop wanting to go to New Year's Eve parties? Tell me what you think  and we'll talk about it all day on the air!

Lamely yours,


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