I live not far from the main thoroughfare in Sedalia known as 65 highway or Limit street.  It's one of the major streets in town, most people know it.  And for some reason, often on the weekend, I will hear loud sounds coming from this general vicinity   It sounds like a car speeding along the street.  It sounds like tires squealing.  It sounds like loud music in car stereos.  Maybe you guys can explain it to me.

What is the point of doing all that?

Kids, I admit that I'm strange.  I get that.  I know that most people probably don't want to sit around their house on a beautiful Saturday afternoon and attempt to get all the star coins from Super Mario on the Wii for level 6-5.   But, you know, I do. But no, seriously.  look at this.  Look at this and tell me you're not curious.


Anyway.  As I was trying to say earlier (before I was distracted by the sweet crack that is Mario on the Wii),  I was admitting that I know I'm not "normal".  What I like to do for fun is not generally what a lot of other people like to do for fun.  They go outside.  They play sports.  They go camping.  They do things like that, I suppose.

But just today I read in the Sedalia news about a guy who was loudly running his car up and down the street.  He got in trouble for that, so it's a matter of public record. Not to name names or get specific, but.... why?  Is it showing off?

'Cos I can't think of anyone I've ever met who has been sitting on their front porch, minding their own business when someone else's car came flying down the street, tires squealing, who said, "Wow, I'm really impressed by that individual's driving skills.  Their motor vehicle's very powerful, and it looks very expensive and well taken care of.  Also, I think that person's taste in music is superb."

No, of course not!  Everyone I've ever met in my life has always rolled their eyes and said something to the extent of, "Idiot," in reference to that very same person who was just racing down the street.  That's if they didn't say something else, and it's never something nicer.  It's always, always something ruder.  Something you wouldn't wanna say in polite company.

So what is it that the person wants? Do they want you to think of them as a show off moron? I don't think so.  So what is it that they could want? It seems as if they would want attention and positive reinforcement of their choices.  So do they want you to step off of your porch, flag them down and compliment them?  To engage them in spirited discussion about which rap metal demagogue fully embodies the postmodern sensibilities you subscribe to?  Do they hope to make new friends, possibly love interests?  Do they expect women and girls to just chase them down the street?  Or is it that they just like annoying people?  Really, that's all I can think that they're doing.

I mean, I understand people having a lot of emotional connection and investment in their vehicles.  Of course that can mean a lot to people.  And I can understand the hobby of wanting to fix up cars or different vehicles.  It's a bonding thing. It's an investment.  I get that.   And I can understand being proud of that achievement.  But... why would you drive by and make as much noise as humanly possible, and then just leave?  Don't you want people to see and appreciate what you've done with your handiwork?  Wouldn't a car show be more appropriate for that expression?

Maybe I'm just old.  Maybe I'm just weird.  Maybe I'm a fuddy duddy.  But I don't get it.

Please, people - explain this to me.

Confusedly yours,