World Hearing Day is March 3rd.  I have worked with, and have family members who have trouble hearing.  In my line of work, it is not unusual to have the volume on too loud, or for the music in my headphones to be a bit louder than it should.  I suppose it is possible that as I get older, I may have issues hearing.  As of now, so far, no issues.

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Have any of you with kids or when you were kids, ever had their parents tell them "Turn That Down!"  in regards to music or the television?  If you have, don't worry, you will get there some day too.  And perhaps, you can blame some of that on the pandemic.

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A new poll found 43% of adults are more sensitive to LOUD MUSIC than they were two years ago.  Mainly because we spent so much time inside, away from all the noise.  You can read this story in more detail by clicking HERE.

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Lets assume for the moment that all that time inside has made our hearing a bit more sensitive.  Are any of you getting more headaches?   I wonder if simply going outside and getting more fresh air can help.  This also may depend on your situation at home.  If you are single, and overall, kind of quiet you may not have as many concerns.  If you live in a household with more people, and they are making noise all the time, you could be more susceptible to hearing issues.

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Now the study did not say that everyone needs to go out and get ear plugs.  Certainly there is a lot of noise in this world that we can not avoid. But there are a lot more distractions that can take our focus and affect our hearing that we didn't have when we were younger. Turning down the volume on things a little bit, wearing ear plugs at a loud concert isn't too vain, it is just practical.  If your hearing seems a bit more sensitive, get your hearing checked and adjust things accordingly.

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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