It's become an extension of our arm. If it's not in our hand, we have it stashed in our pockets, in a purse, tucked in a case or safely within reach. It's our cellphone. We rely on it like no other device. For most we'd be lost without it. Some would go as far as saying that they couldn't function without it. But are you harming your cellphone by doing/not doing this?

Simple care tips of our phones can make it last much longer. Over doing some things on your phone could damage it and/or cut short its ability to work efficiently as it gets older. (I think the same thing could be said for humans)

There are simple things that we do with our phones on a daily basis...turning it on and off, recharging, etc., but some of these may be costing you money as your phone starts wearing down prematurely.

There's a fast rule for cellphones for us to live by. According to an article on, shut down your phone once a week, letting it rest for a minute or so, and then restarting for another week's work.

Why do you need to follow this procedure? There's a number of things involved. Here's why according to the author of the story, Isabel Roy:

"retaining memory, preventing crashes, running more smoothly, and prolonging battery life."

By restarting your phone it's kind of like us humans sleeping every night. It helps to clear out all activity in our brain/phone and we/it is refreshed for another period of use. So if you've been falling behind on this weekly chore, maybe you need to start a weekly ritual of the shutdown-restart process to keep your phone happy, too.

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