Hello, ...... Litterbug.

I woke up this weekend to a beautiful, warm, somewhat spring like day. I look out my window to see my recently cleaned of leaves yard and what do I see?


Yes, this. The remnants of your snack/dessert.  I'm sure the Oreo Milkshake or whatever it was was delicious.  I have a few questions, though.  Why did you feel the need to throw it out of your car and let it sit for someone else to clean up?  Are you too important to throw away your own garbage? Were you in such a hurry that you couldn't POSSIBLY take five seconds to chuck it in your can when you got to your destination? Are you, in fact, a literal child?

'Cos I would expect that from the neighborhood kids. I had a couple of little girls a few years back play in a little section of my yard behind my garage.  They had  an elaborate set up, with what looked like a hamster cage, a dvd of some kind of Barbie movie, a couple of hoodies, snacks, etc.  I told them it was fine with me for them to play there, but they needed to clean up after they were done.  If they didn't, I would throw out whatever they left out.  Of course they were all promises, "We'll clean up, don't worry...."  I think you know what happened. And that's precisely what happened.  Clothes, I think a pair of sandals, the cage, the DVD, all of it went straight into the trash, never to be seen again (Although I do think I saw a guy dumpster dive the cage.  Hey, fair enough).

Did your Mother never teach you to clean up after yourself? Is there a disconnect from what goes on in your brain and the surrounding people in your life?  Are you the only one who has the special privileges and permissions to do whatever you want whenever you want, because you're so, so special?

I acknowledge I'm probably making a mountain out of a molehill.  It's just so annoying when people think that their trash is someone else's problem.  And it's something that happens all over town, not just my sidewalk.  I can't understand the level of laziness and thoughtlessness that comes with that.  Do you really think you're the only person in the world and whatever you do to someone else doesn't mean anything? It's just.... how freggin hard is it to just throw it away properly? It takes maybe five seconds.

Or is there something else at play here.... maybe you really couldn't throw it away at home.  Maybe you're not supposed to be eating those Oreo Milkshakes.  Are you cheating on your diet and don't want anyone to know?! Do you feel deep shame from enjoying a sweet treat?!

Well TOO BAD.  Throw it in a proper receptacle next time. It's people like you that make keeping our streets clean difficult.

Cleanly yours,


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