Maybe it's a sign of the times. Social media has a little to do with it. The rest goes to companies cutting staff. I miss the coverage of sports both on the air and in the newspapers.

I cover the the Smith-Cotton Tigers football games on our sister station, 92.3 BOB-FM. Other than that we don't see the coverage of local and regional sports like we did 10 years ago.

KSIS carries the St. Louis Cardinals and SFCC basketball, and BOB-FM also carriies the Kansas City Chiefs, but as far as high school sports coverage goes there's not much of it anymore. 

It's not only on the radio but also the stories and scores we used to read about in the Sedalia Democrat are missing. Both our cluster of statioins on South 65 in Sealia and the Democrat's staff has seen a decline of employees over the last decade. With this comes the availability of personnel to do play-by-play, cover games and to write articles for print.

Talking with Alex Arguellos of the Sedalia Democrat at Friday night's Smith-Cotton/Warrensburg high school football game, we both talked about days of the past and how now it's so hard to cover all the events that are scheduled in our area.

I'm going back further than 10 years ago but I remember the day when we had a teletype with sports scores and stories reeling off on Friday nights and over the weekend. Of course back then, we were live on the radio 24 hours a day so we had the employees to gather the scores and give them throughout the course of the day and night.

Like I said earlier, social media has helped to lessen the need of coverage of some games. Parents and fans of different sports are usually pretty good about posting scores. Other than that, unfortunately, some of the scores and insight into area sports go to the wayside.

What do you think?

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