The fair food has been eaten. The rides have been ridden. The concerts have been seen. The kids are back in school. The last state fair vendors packed up and left town until next year. Soon enough the leaves will be falling, and we'll be cheering on Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs while they make another run at the Super Bowl. Keep scrolling to check out some great photos from this year's Missouri State Fair.

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My fair highlights this year included a couple of outstanding concerts. Both Fuel and Tesla sounded at the top of their game on the first Friday night of the fair, and Fuel, who gave us a quick interview couldn't have been more gracious. I think the "sleeper" concert of the fair was KC and the Sunshine Band with The Four Tops. That was a really fun night, too. ZZ Top was a little disappointing. The sound seemed a little messy and the band didn't seem completely into it. It was still cool to see them.

As for fair food, as much as the $5.00 dollar increase in the ribeye steak sandwich at The Beef House bugged me, the sandwich was still delicious. The cheeseburger was just as delicious. The pulled pork sandwich from Pork Place was every bit as delicious as the steak sandwich. The hit for me, though, was the Giant Cookies and Cinnamon Rolls from the vendor across from the radio station booth. Additionally, I enjoyed the nachos, the pizza, cotton candy, caramel corn, and even a few ice-cold beers from the Missouri Wine Tent.

I rode the first carnival rides I've ridden in at least 25 years. I had a lot of fun with my co-workers and friends on The Mighty Mouse Coaster and the Super Himalaya, one of my favorite rides ever.

Keep scrolling to see some of the memories friends shared with us from their 2022 Missouri State Fair experience. A big thank you to all who shared some of their favorite photos with us.

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