I joined Twitter a number of years ago in May 2009. I haven't been the most active Twitter-er, and there were several years there when I would only look at it maybe once a year.  But recently I remembered I have a Twitter account, and I've taken back to using it.  It's not super exciting, but I did manage to find a way to help you guys out with it.  Here are five jobs I found on Twitter that you can apply for if you're looking for a change.

1. Associate Dentist at Aspen Dental.

Okay, so you probably just can't Walk In and get this one, but hey, maybe you know somebody who's just out of school. That's why I said they were Unusual Jobs. You can apply for this job here.

2. Store Manager at Harbor Freight.

This one doesn't seem to be as specific as the last. They ask for two years management experience, and they prefer an Associates degree, but High School is fine. You can apply for this job here.

3. Specialist Flooring Associate at Lowe's.

On this one, it looks like they have more wants than needs. Sure they prefer you have retail experience but the minimum is a High School diploma or an equivalent, with at least a year of experience in customer service. You can apply for this job here.

4. Pharmacy Manager at CVS.

With this one, you have to have an active Pharmacy License, not be on some DEA list, and have certification for immunizations (obviously, pharmacy). I mean, you have to be pharmacist, but I imagine it's a very niche job for the right person. You can apply for this job here.

5. Diesel Technician/Mechanic at Penske.

This one is for someone who has a valid driver's licence, a CDL, or be willing to get your CDL. They prefer someone with tractor trailer experience and vo-tech certification. You can apply for this job here.

Alright,  so now you know a little bit about what what's out there that isn't retail, food, or something else that I can't think of.   My creativity ends here!

Jobbingly yours,


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