2018 is finally here and like most American's you probably made a resolution to be healthier this year. I'm here to help with 5 easy ways you kick-start a healthy routine.

I rarely do a New Year resolution, but as I get closer to 30 I thought this year I'll try to be healthier. It may not be the most original resolution, but It's what I need to do. I came up with 5 little things I'm going to start doing to be healthier.

1. Document what you eat. Apps like My Fitness Pal are great for tracking calories and helping you see how what your eating is having an impact on you. It will also give you a calorie goal depending on how much weight you want to lose. Even if you have a cheat day, log in the calories and it will help you eat healthier.

2. Walk everyday. If you are able to get a gym membership and really workout, great. If not, just start walking. 45 minutes a day is best losing weight and at least 30 minutes a day is best for maintaining weight. Walk of do something active for 30 to 45 minutes a day. You will feel better.

3. Walk before dinner. It is harder to make self excuses not to walk before dinner. It also helps you cut down appetite.

4. Order the smallest size. We all want a cheat day after about day 3, or end up going to out for a social lunch. If you need french fries, ice cream, or my favorite a beer, get a small and try to limit yourself. It may not be healthy, but it will be much easier to get back on track.

5. Spend 30 minutes really cleaning something. This can be your car, your shower, windows, walls, or floors. Something that will take about 30 minutes and doesn't always get done as much. You will enjoy having the chore done, feel accomplished, and burn some calories. If it's way to cold to walk, because it is Winter, this is also good substitute.

Good luck on healthier 2018!



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