A search warrant served this morning (Oct. 30) at a Johnson County residence resulted in the rescue of 45 dogs from an unlicensed breeding facility.  The Missouri Department of Agriculture, the Humane Society of Missouri Animal Cruelty Task Force and the Johnson County Sheriff's Department took custody of the Chihuahua, Chihuahua-mix dogs, Shih Tzus and a rabbit from the residence of Aaron Bishop near Garden City.

According to a statement from the Johnson County Sheriff's Office, 42 adult dogs and three 2-3 week old puppies were found living inside the residence in what was described as "extremely unsanitary conditions."

Many were housed in wire crates stacked on top of each other with two to three animals per crate, living in piles of their own waste. No food or water was available to most of the dogs.

According to a veterinarian with the Missouri Department of Agriculture on the scene, Several of the dogs are underweight, many are infested with parasites, have eye infections and are encrusted with feces on their paws and legs.

The rescued rabbit was found with inadequate shelter and no food or water. All of the animals were removed at the recommendation of the veterinarian and were transported to the Humane Society of Missouri’s Headquarters in St. Louis.

A disposition hearing to determine custody of the animals is scheduled for Friday, Nov. 16 in Warrensburg.  The Humane Society of Missouri will be recommending animal abuse charges in this case.

If custody is awarded to the Humane Society of Missouri, as many of the animals as possible will be made available for adoption.