There have been so many blogs that I've written this year, you guys.  Hundreds.  But there are a few that stood out to you. Everybody likes a good ghost story.  So here are a few of my favorite "spooky" or "scary" stories from this year!

Spoiler alert: It's not.  But it's fun to imagine that it might be.

I love ghost towns. I love when people explore ghost towns. I love when they film it even more.  That way I get to experience it, but can remain lazy at home!

I love all things Investigation Discovery, really.  There was only one downside: some of the family were upset by me bringing it up again.  If I upset someone with it, for that I am sorry.

Anything the Unsolved boys do is great, and if it's somewhat local, even better.  And this one was a great story, with lots of intrigue.

Another spoiler: ghosts aren't real.  But again, who doesn't like a scary story? And it inspired some people to do some reminiscing, so that's always nice.

I like history.  And to see something that used to be so vibrant and relevant slowly make it's way back to nature? Fascinating.

Now this one was just all out conspiracy.  And you know I love me some conspiracy. And some people here locally had heard about it and had some thoughts to weigh in.  That's always good, to be able to get your thoughts on things.

I wrote this one really so that I would remember to go on a day trip one of these days and check them out for myself.  So I guess it was a little selfish on my part.

I heard about this while I was a student at UCM, but I never really believed any of the stories myself.  I did an audio piece for a class about ghosts on campus, I bet it would be cringeworthy to hear now.

What are some of your favorite spooky stories from this year?

Cringingly yours,

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