It's the end of the year, and I'm a little sentimental.  Maybe reflection will help me be a better person in the new year? 

It's been a long year, and a hard one for many of us.  But there were definitely ups that came with the downs, and I hope you'll take a second to look back a little.  I hope this doesn't seem too self indulgent, but here are some of my favorite blog posts I've written this year and why I like them.

This started because I love the taco truck that parks along Broadway. I Love It.  And then it got me to thinking about the other trucks that are popping up in town.  I reached out to all of them and asked for permission, and everyone was on board and very nice about it. I piqued Husbando's interest when I mentioned to him (while doing my "research") that there was a hot dog truck in town, so mission accomplished.

I love the Wood family.  I'm friends with the father, Tony.  They've had it so hard these past few years with Kaizler's cancer journey.  It was so nice to see something that happened by pure chance bringing them so much happiness. They've moved out of Sedalia and off to Tennessee, and they're doing great.  It was nice to get a little moment with them again.

This one took AGES.  I really did write out  my thoughts as they were happening.  It distracted me a little from the show, though, so I don't think I'll do that idea again.

It's always hard to lose a family member, especially someone as special and talented as Travis.  Our family Christmas Party wasn't quite the same without him and his amazing hats.  But, it's important to treasure the memories we have, and to remember his thoughtful and often poignant work.

This was fun!  It started when I was doing some production work and came across an old folder for the Missouri Bargains jingles.  Oh man, you thought that one got stuck in YOUR head a lot? Imagine what it was like for us?!

I love history. I love looking at pictures of houses like I'm touring them.  That's really what this was all about.  And it's just beautiful, and has so much history living in its walls. It's one of those places everybody knows in town, but we might not know much about it.  I took the chance to learn and ran with it.

This was really just for me.  I tried to play along to the Prince challenge when Questlove did it on The Tonight Show and only got one (Raspberry Beret). So I wanted to do something I COULD have a shot at winning, even if I hate being filmed.

This one was a bit tongue in cheek.  I just got a little frustrated one day and decided it was time to bring the snark. I nearly got clipped by someone on their phone as they were pulling out of the taco joint on Broadway and decided to use my platform for the forces of good.

This one was just another fun time. We haven't gone on another Friendship Adventure in a while, we're overdue.  And it seems like Everyone knows Jenn for some reason.

I saw people complaining about this on Facebook. I don't get fast food much so it's not a huge hot button issue for me, but I saw it was bothering you guys, so that was good enough for me.  It was nice to see people getting their frustrations out in the comments on Facebook!

Denny was one of those guys you just don't forget.  He was very intimidating when I first met him, but really I was just a kid then.  I was very touched and appreciated it alot when his family complimented me on this at his service. It was nice to remember the good times with Denver and to hear from his loved ones.

This was just ADORABLE.  And the guy is so nice.  I was happy to help them out and it was so romantic, and personal, and touching.  I wonder where they are now, it's been about a year from then....

Engineers are strange.  They just are.  They're a unique, talented, intelligent breed that just lives in weirdness.  I love em, though.  Every engineer I've worked with has been a little gruff at first, but they always have good hearts underneath.

This one was just funny from the beginning.  My boss, Kurt, gave me the most doubtful look when I told him about this idea.  But I know you guys a little bit, and I knew you would care just as much as I do.  VINDICATION.

The only bad part of this was that we didn't have the girls that weekend, so they couldn't see it.  They would have enjoyed it a lot.  I still have the whistle on my desk.

I love playing detective.  And this one really took Sedalia and threw it for a loop.  Everybody was in total panic about whether we were going to get these businesses to come to Sedalia or not. It was funny, in the end.  The troller said it was all in good fun.

This one was just... for me, really.  I was goofing off on YouTube and decided to turn it into something for work.  But it's really true, I will always watch these kind of videos.  Still do.

It can be so hard to talk about these kind of things, because we're expected to be strong and perfect all the time.  With everything that happened these past few years in our schools, the only thing I could think of was to just talk about it.

This was in good fun.  I think sometimes Sedalia can get a little worn out on the Fair, although we know we're lucky to have it. Most of the people who come to town for it are lovely, and we're happy to have them.

This one came about because of a small bicker-ment with me and Husbando.  And you guys were pretty passionate about it too, in the comments.  It's still something people love to go back and forth about.

This was another one for me.  I just got kind of introspective one day, and decided to run with it.  I know a lot of the time I'm kind of a goofball, but I have my serious moments.

This story was great.  Devin is such a good guy, and he did so well in the competition. It's nice sometimes to see a positive story amongst all the assaults and meth busts and stuff we keep hearing about.

This is another one that was more for me.  I did a few blogs in the past, and people in the comments were saying things like "What a terrible journalist you are" , blah blah blah.  You know how it goes.  But even though I know I should let stuff like that go, it sticks with me.  I can get seventy positive comments, and I'll remember the one bad one. So I guess I wanted to take a second to defend myself, in a way.

Ha, this one was definitely just for me.  I'm going through a phase lately where I'm watching a lot of these shows on YouTube and listening to a lot of K-Pop music. I know, I know.  But it makes me smile, and I don't see anything wrong with that.  And if someone else can get a kick out of it, why not?

What do you think? What was your favorite from this year?

Favoritely yours,


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