Well folks, this weekend is our second live broadcast to give you a chance to win 105 pounds of cash. Since I'm an employee of the radio station, that means I can't guess. But I would be more than happy to help suggest different ways that you could spend that money if you happen to win. That's what I do. I help. And if you find that you have too much money left over after you win and buy what you want, well, I'll also be happy to take that burden off your hands.

Anyway, our next chance for you to guess how much currency is in the canister is this weekend at Aaron's Sales and Lease, 3107 West Broadway in the Thompson Hills Shopping Center. We'll be out there from noon to 2:00 p.m. to show you our money and let you take a guess. If you guessed at Advantage Metals, feel free to come by and guess again!

Anyway, here's a couple suggestions for you on how you can blow that cash:


An LG 2D/3D Home Theater system with Wi-Fi. Boyfriendo and I play a bit of games and watch streaming stuff a lot, so this kind of thing would be awesome if you're thinking of things you want to donate to my house.



A Dyson multi-floor cleaner. I don't know about you, but my vaccum cleaner doesn't seem to like it when I move off the carpet, and sometimes I feel a little lazy and don't want to sweep the kitchen floor.  So this thing would be awesome. I do admit, I'm drawn in by this part in the description: Root Clone Technology.  I don't know what that is, but... I need it.



Finally, there's this absolutely fantastic looking little thing. While I don't think you guys necessarily WANT to feed in to my laziness, you could with this number. This thing is a recliner with double arm storage, an ultra wide base for stability... and a frosty fridge that will keep drinks cold for eight hours. I think that's what ultimately made me go from having a crush on this chair to being full in love. You can't keep us apart, can you?

Well, of course I'm just kidding, but you should come out and make your guess as to how much money is in our 105 pound canister.  If you guess closest or right on the money, you could win all that cash.  Plus, while you're out at Aaron's Sales and Lease, you can see some of those fantastic home stuffs for yourself.  Who knows, you might win some prizes out there just for showing up!

So come on by and join me from noon to 2:00 p.m. Saturday. Just, you know, don't mind me gawking at everything.

Dreamingly yours,