When I moved to the Sedalia-Warrensburg area I wasn't that unfamiliar with Missouri. I knew Mizzou was the big University in Columbia. I knew the Royals played Kauffman Stadium and the Chiefs next door at Arrowhead Stadium. I knew President Harry Truman was from Independence and you could tour his family home. I knew the cities of Kansas City Missouri and Kansas City Kansas were next door to each other. And I knew Kansas City was known for BBQ and Jazz.

Yet there were also plenty of things I didn't know. My parent's best friends during their Missouri years were from Sedalia. The great Texas Cattle Drive of 1866 ended in Sedalia. And that not everyone who lives in Missouri is a big Mizzou Tigers fan, it's just the Missouri University that most people outside of Missouri know.

Of course, there are also things, that life experience just teaches you. For example, Missouri sunrises and sunsets and the skies overhead: Rival the sunrises, sunsets, and skies over Texas. Except you wouldn't know that unless you lived in both Texas and Missouri. Or that many people don't really know what state the Royals and Chiefs play in or where the big arena where the big concerts are held. I've always known these places are on the Missouri side, but someone who hasn't been here. Well, that can be a little more difficult to figure out.

So keep on reading to check out my list of ten surprising things I learned after moving to Missouri.

10 Surprising Things I Learned After Moving to Missouri

Missouri has been a part of my life ever since my parents and I took our first vacation here in 1979. Yet here are 10 surprising things I learned about Missouri after moving here.

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